Caramel mousse dome

(Adapted from Chef Bruce Irino’s original recipe.)

1 qt. Heavy cream whipped stiff.
1 ½ c. caramel sauce
6 leaves gelatin
12 yolks

1) Whip cream , set in cooler to stay cold
2) Soften gelatin leaves in cold water
3) Whisk yolks in mixer until pale and fluffy
4) Heat caramel over bain marie,
5) Shake excess water off gelatin and add to caramel, heat until just melted
6) Add to yolks, whisk until cool.
7) Fold whipped cream into caramel mixture
8) Using pastry bag, pipe into dome mold, leaving hole in the center.
9) Freeze until firm
10) Using squirt bottle, fill hole with caramel.
11) Freeze again
12) Making a ¼ batch , seal hole with mousse and top with tart bottom.
13) Freeze and unmold onto cookie rack.
14) Top with Milk glaze, Making sure to cover dome completely.

Milk Glaze

1 qt. Heavy cream
3# Milk chocolate

1) Heat cream until scald, pour over chocolate and let sit until melted.
2) Whisk together until smooth.

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